Mexico Medical Missions

by Dahlia Orth, CVC Missions Coordinator

At CVC, we support a wide variety of missionaries who serve across many different countries overseas. Often times people ask me about the missionaries we support and what they are doing. I am excited to highlight our missionaries, Eric and Sheena Kramer and provide a little insight into their ministry with Mexico Medical Missions. 

People often ask me about ways to be involved with our missionaries. One of the best ways to do that is through prayer efforts.

I first met Eric and Sheena Kramer this year when they came to a mission meeting here at CVC. Prior to that time, the only communication and contact I had with them was via web. Eric and Sheena were serving overseas in Samachique, Mexico with Mexico Medical Missions. They serve an unreached people group called the Tarahumara people.

The Tarahumara people are an indigenous group who are afraid of much and do not trust easily. They have their own heart language which only a small percentage of people can speak fluently. While on the field, Eric served as an anesthesiologist in a local clinic and his wife Sheena raised their young family. Eric provided care in a wide range of areas including surgical services within the operating room. 

Tarahumara from Pioneers-USA on Vimeo.

Eric and Sheena served in Mexico until recently. They came back to the states for a brief period of time to allow Eric to earn his degree in family medicine nursing. This degree will provide them even more opportunity to serve the Tahurmara people with medical care. Additionally, they hope to open a clinic there when they return. They are in process of fundraising for the clinic project while Eric is completing his schooling here in the states.

People often ask me about ways to be involved with our missionaries. One of the best ways to do that is through prayer efforts. They have seen much answered prayer, both on the field and here in the states. They need your continual prayer and support for both their time in the states and the work that they are preparing to go back and do in Mexico as well. Here are some specific ways that you can pray for them: 

  • For a new teaching job for Sheena while here in the states. They were informed recently that the job they believed she would have is no longer available. 
  • Eric is beginning his clinical for school soon. He has not experienced a great amount of crossover experience and training from being an anesthesiologist. He is in a Spanish-speaking only clinic and needs continued wisdom and understanding while learning new materials.
  • Continued spiritual well-being while they are here in the states and prepare to go back to the field after Eric completes his schooling. 
  • The Mexico Medical team in the recent loss of their friend and colleague Bob Hudson who passed away in a plane crash.