Qualifying the Disqualified

by Rick Duncan, CVC Founding Pastor

In our message on the life of Sarah, the great great great great great great great… grandmother of Jesus, the Messiah, we made a list of the things that could disqualified her from making her mark on the world, from being a blessing to others.

  • Too small.
  • Too wrong.
  • Too mean.
  • Too doubting.
  • Too old.

What do you think disqualifies you?

If God did not disqualify Sarah, then God won’t disqualify you. So, today, why not pray the following prayer that expressed what Sarah might have prayed.

God, for too long I have viewed myself as too small, too inconsequential, too insignificant for You to use. I see now that you delight to use the little guy in big ways. So, where are you sending me? Here I am. Send me!

Lord, I’ve been wrong over and over and over again and again. I’ve believed a lie – that my wrongs have disqualified me from taking risks to serve You. But I’m beginning to see that the only people You can work through are people who have done wrong. We all have done wrong. Now, because of Christ’s work on the cross, I believe You will cleanse me of my wrongdoing. Guard me, O Lord.  May Your rightness outshine my wrongness. Amen.

Lord, You know I’ve done many mean things. I’ve said mean words. Would You cleanse me? Would You give me grace to seek forgiveness from those that I’ve hurt? Please forgive me for allowing my meanness to be an excuse for not serving You. You’ve always blessed mean people. So, please bless me.

Dear Lord, I do believe in You. Now, help me believe You. I believe. Help my unbelief. Help me to trust Your nature, character, and goodness. I believe that no good thing will you withhold from those who walk up rightly. Give me the ability to find promises in Your word and to claim them for Your glory and my good.

Lord, for too long I have used the excuse that I am used up and too old. Teach me to believe that You’re not only the God of the young and energetic but that You are the God of the old and the weak. You delight in taking those that the culture would leave behind and accomplishing great things through them. So, Lord, take my older hands and feet and mouth and mind and heart and do mighty things for Your glory through me.

Now, add you own words to this prayer.

Express your heart to God in your own way in and in your own words.

What a God we serve. He makes the disqualified qualified. That’s the gospel!