REcalibrate Resources

by Josh Stone, Pastor of Community Life and Leadership

Being spiritually healthy comes down to some pretty simple habits in our lives. These habits are called the spiritual disciplines and include: worship, prayer, bible study, serving, and giving. These are the habits of a healthy Christian. At Cuyahoga Valley Church these play out in three environments we call Worship – Groups – Serve.

If you do these things, you will be spiritually healthy. It’s not rocket science. A healthy relationship with God is available to everyone. When we want to grow in your health habits, it’s best to take simple steps toward a healthy life. Here are some steps that I want to encourage you.


  • Attend at least three times a month
  • Turn off phone or put it on airplane mode
  • Value worship attendance for your children – watch this video on Facebook
  • Sing along in worship


  • Pray out loud in your Lifegroup
  • Purchase and use the Valley of Vision
  • Attend the Unshaken Prayer Conference 
  • Engage weekly in missions prayer on Facebook
  • Utilize the prayer room
  • Pray before every work shift
  • Use your commute for prayer

Bible Study

6 Rs to Personal Bible Study from Cuyahoga Valley Church on Vimeo.




  • Commit to spending the time to talk to your neighbor
  • Assess your personal giving.
  • Strive to increase your giving by 1% this year.
  • Tell your children how much you gave in 2017.
  • Schedule one day this month to give your time to someone in your Lifehouse
  • Engage with the missions drive, loose change for life, etc.

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