Inclusive exclusivity

by Rick Duncan, Founding Pastor

Yes, Christianity is exclusive. Unapologetically exclusive. Jesus claims to be The Way.

Some oppose Christians because of this exclusive claim. But they are invited to also recognize that Christianity among world religions is uniquely inclusive.

Christianity is not only exclusive, but also inclusive. Very much so. How so?

“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13, KJV).

Who can be saved? Red. Yellow. Black. White.

“Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red, yellow, black, and white. They are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the children of the world.”

Anybody can come. Everybody can come. Whosoever will may come. We are all welcome. We are all invited.

Back in college, as I studied the religions of the world, it became very apparent to me that they all developed some kind of system for humans to be good enough to escape from the cycle of reincarnation or to get to paradise or nirvana or whatever their idea was of heaven.

Be good. Do more. Give your works to God. Then God will owe you.

Christianity says just the opposite. Jesus was good for us. God already did His more for us. He gives His works to us. Now, we owe God.

Trying to work your way to God is really exclusive. Only the good people dare apply. What about those of us who have been sinful, materialistic, ugly, greedy, selfish, mean-spirited? If you could work your way to God through all of the religions of the world, good people would be in and the bad people would be left out. That’s exclusive.

So, you see, both approaches to God are exclusive. But there’s more inclusivity in the gospel of Christ. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. You will be welcomed and embraced fully and instantly through Christ. Whosoever will – Jew, Methodist, Muslim, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Presbyterian, Atheist, agnostic, humanist, Republican, Democrat – can come!

One day, around the throne of God in heaven, there will be people from every nation, every language, every color, every tongue.

That’s inclusive.

The gospel, to be sure, is exclusive, but it is the most inclusive exclusive truth in all the world. It’s inclusive exclusivity. Or, if you prefer, exclusive inclusivity.

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