God as Father

by Chad Allen, Lead Pastor of Cuyahoga Valley Church

Last weekend I taught about God as our Father and us as His children.  There are times when we may doubt our salvation or identity as God’s child, or performance and works thinking will flood our minds or heart, or we slip back into letting our sense of worth and value be determined by our successes and failures in this life rather than what God has said is true of those who have come to faith in Christ.

When that happens , it is very helpful to read, meditate and even pray back Scriptures that affirm that those who are in Christ are truly children God. The title and status of being God’s child and rests not on our character and faithfulness, but on Gods.

If this has been something you have been wrestling with or want to learn more on, I recommend these verses to read, reflect on a pray through:

To drill down even more on this topic of Assurance, I highly recommend reviewing Week 1 (pages 1-18) in our Living New book on Amazon or download the Chapter 1 for free..