Unleash Update

by Chad Allen, Cuyahoga Valley Church Lead Pastor

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A year ago, we launched UNLEASH, which is an initiative to generate $2 million over and above our operating budget to reach our Neighbors, the Nations, and the Next Generation.

  • Our Neighbors—generate up-front money for capital expenditures for a campus ($350,000)
  • The Nations—translate the Bible for the SOLI people of Pearl Island ($250,000)
  • The Next Generation—get rid of our mortgage debt so that we can invest in all of our ministries (especially our next generation ministries) and also help with the ongoing operating costs of our future campuses ($1,400,000)

To date we gave generated $1,781,795 which is 89% of our goal!

We also want to let you know that even though we have not yet achieved our $2 million goal, WE HAVE COMPLETELY PAID OFF THE MORTGAGE. 

How did we do that when we have only reached 89% of our UNLEASH goal?

  • We had a number of contributions come in that were earmarked for debt reduction before we officially launched the UNLEASH campaign. So, when we publicly launched the UNLEASH campaign, our debt was closer to $1.2 million instead of $1.4 million.

Now what?

  1. Keep praying for UNLEASH & for Cuyahoga Valley Church leadership as we are getting ready for a new year of ministry.
  2. We still want to hit our goal of $2 million—and even exceed it—so we want you to fulfill your pledge to UNLEASH.
    • We still have $218,205 left to hit our goal.
    • The remaining dollars will still go towards our 3 UNLEASH initiatives
    • So even though the mortgage is gone, we can still use additional resources for investing in our ministries and our future campuses.
  3. If you did not pledge support to the UNLEASH campaign or have not given to it, you still can! In fact, we are praying to exceed our $2 million goal because every dollar given to UNLEASH supports reaching more people for Christ.  We have UNLEASH magazines in the foyer if you do not have one and you’d like to know more about the campaign.

Thank you for all your support of UNLEASH and Cuyahoga Valley Church.  You are helping to change people’s lives for eternity!